Affiliated to Manipur University, Canchipur

Students’ Code of Conduct:

1 Mutual respect: Mutual respect is a must. We ought to love and respect one another. The temperament and behavior of the students’ shall be governed by the ethical principles—Politeness, gentleness, soberness, kindness and self-control.
2 Discipline: The College lays a special emphasis on the students’ discipline and decorum in and outside the Class rooms. They are expected to show respect to their teachers and politeness and kindness to their fellow students.
3 Academic atmosphere: In order to maintain good and congenial academic atmosphere, the students shall refrain themselves from making blustering noise and playing music through mobile phone in the College Campus.
4. Evil Habits: Smoking , drinking, abuse of drugs, chewing pan khaini, tablet etc. in the college premises are strictly forbidden.